Located in the southeastern region of Arizona, sometimes called “Baja Arizona” by locals, Tucson is along the seam of Interstate 10 about a 90-minute drive southeast of Phoenix. There are direct flights from all the major hubs into and out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  

An even better way to reach our City of Gastronomy is through direct flights to Tucson International Airport (TUS), available from a growing number of carriers.


Uniquely Tucson – Downtown is Thriving 

If you haven’t visited lately, you’re in for a surprise. Downtown Tucson is having a renaissance as new restaurants and hotels, music, art, and events fill the streets and tune in to the casual Southwestern vibe. 

As you approach Downtown Tucson, watch for street signs leading to the six districts: Main Gate, Fourth Avenue, Congress Street, Presidio, Convention, and Sentinel. Each district has its own history and together they offer opportunities to experience Tucson’s many entertaining sides. Follow the signs for an adventure through Tucson’s first neighborhoods or a direct route to a favorite destination.

The four-mile Sun Link Tucson Streetcar connects all six downtown districts, so sampling Tucson’s unique culture and cuisine has never been simpler. Make this trip unforgettable. After daily events at Phenome 2020, check out all you can do using Sun Link Tucson’s Streetcar!

Get unlimited rides on Sun Link streetcar for 3 days for only $5. Sun Link travels through Tucson’s most iconic districts, including Downtown Tucson, Mercado San Agustín, 4th Avenue, Main Gate Square and the University of Arizona.  There are hundreds of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues along the route.

Begin planning your Phenome 2020 experience in Downtown Tucson today!