Gamefound Feast: cool titles in the summer

We've passed the magic number of 100 campaigns on Gamefound, which gave us even more energy to host more, more, and more amazing campaigns! This edition of Gamefound Feast features three HUGE titles. We're extremely happy these creators trusted us with their projects.

Read about the famous KeyForge, classic CCG coming to crowdfunding for the first time, Dante: The Invasion Of Hell - the next project by Creative Games Studio LLC, and an immersive nautical-themed game by Age of Gaming - Endeavor: Deep Sea. Enjoy the Feast!

KeyForge: Winds of Exchange
KeyForge is the brilliant card game sprung from the fecund mind of Richard Garfield in which every deck is unique. KeyForge was acquired in June ’22 by Ghost Galaxy, a new company created by Christian T. Petersen,  founder of Fantasy Flight Games. Ghost Galaxy will launch the next KeyForge set Winds of Exchange on Gamefound in September ‘22. 

Winds of Exchange introduces a number of new elements, including a new house: the mercantile Compacts of Ekwidon, new “Token” creature mechanics, and sees the return of several older Houses as well, including long-missed favorites Brobnar and Mars. If you’re wondering what the trade winds will bring to the Crucible, be sure to subscribe to the campaign.

DANTE: The Invasion of Hell
The world of Dante's Inferno comes to life like never before - right on your tabletop. Join the invasion of Hell in this adventure game for 1-4 players from the creators of the hit board game Chronicles of Drunagor, Creative Games Studio LLC. Follow a narrative path, which changes and flows based on your decisions, as you explore this unique version of the landscape of Hell. Featuring characters, monsters, and locations inspired by the classic epic poem, DANTE is sure to enthrall. See the project preview!

Endeavor: Deep Sea
Endeavor: Deep Sea by Age of Gaming is the follow-up to the classic sailing game Endeavor: Age of Sail. In this game, the action moves to the modern era and heads beneath the sea. Players work to explore the mysterious depths that unfold ever broader and deeper. Your goal is to be the one that makes the greatest positive impact; to do so you will recruit expert specialists onto your team, dive deep, make discoveries, publish your finds, and conserve the natural wonders you encounter. The game is helmed by the same team responsible for Age of Sail; while it’s driven by the familiar gameplay engine, expect a whole new range of interactions in this awesome new endeavor beneath the waves. Check out the project now!

Gamefound is speeding up

We're really proud we could host over 100 campaigns on our platform in just a few months since we opened for all creators. We're grateful for your trust, and we're not resting with the implementation of new useful features both for backers and creators.

So far, we've introduced additional payment methods (Google and Apple Pay), improved the exploration of all projects on the website, and are working on more features with our users in mind. We've also upgraded our homepage to make it easy to read and use for all of you.

These are just a few examples, as dozens of small features appeared in the last few weeks, but there are too many to get them all described here.

We’re learning and changing, thanks to your feedback. Thank you for your constant support!
The Gamefound Team