Gamefound's Feast: Smashing new titles ready for crowdfunding!

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Today we have quite exciting news for you all, as we gather up all the projects coming next to Gamefound, and boy, are we happy with having some really amazing creators sharing their projects with the Gamefound community.
On top of that, we will look back at the projects that already happened and some of the recent upgrades we made to the platform.
Buckle up and let's see what's next! 

Upcoming projects

While this is not the final list and we are still waiting for some of the really interesting projects from the previous update to go live (looking at you Skyrim and Gajin :D), there are tons to look forward to and we are really excited to be part of those projects!

Lords of Ragnarok

Ok, let's start with a big one. Awaken Realms' next major game and a spiritual successor to Lords of Hellas, which is a classic “dudes on the map” game loved by strategy players around the world.
Lords of Ragnarok will introduce some totally fresh mechanics while keeping the core ideas from the original. Want to build grand monuments, fight cyber monsters or have epic battles with other players? Look no further!
All of that coming in the Viking theme combined with Sci-Fi - you can expect some great gameplay and visual wonder. Check out the draft here!

Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia
By the power of Grayskull, we are extremely excited to introduce a really exciting project from Archon Studio based on He-Man IP! We are big fans of the cartoons ourselves (and pretty obsessed with the upcoming Netflix adaptation) so hosting this campaign will be a pleasure! Get ready for an adventure as one of your favorite characters. The game is hero-based and each character has unique stats. Solo, co-op, or competitive? You choose the mode! You can play one of the scenarios, or just a quick skirmish. Jump on the Battle Cat and defeat the Skeletor! See the draft page here.

Important note: due to licensing agreements, this campaign will only be able to ship to European addresses.

Divinus is the next game from Lucky Duck Games that blurs games and reality by using a digital app. This legacy game is played over 12 linked sessions, where players take on the role of Norse and Greek gods competing for control of the land. The outcome and decisions made in each game will change the events of future games, and even the rules of the game itself. Make sure to check out the project draft!

Wild Assent
Wild Assent by Lazy Squire Games is a 1-4 player RPG board game with solo/cooperative and PvP game modes, beautiful miniatures, and thrilling gameplay. The Lavon Rising expansion adds more heroes and creatures and a compelling story-based campaign with multiple endings that you won't need to rearrange your life to finish. See what’s in the draft and follow the project!

Chronicles Of Drunagor: Age Of Darkness Apocalypse
Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness Apocalypse by Creative Games Studio is the follow-up to last year's hit cooperative dungeon crawl adventure. The expansion brings even more content to the world of Drunagor, and those who missed the original campaign will still be able to complete their collections as well as grab the new expansions that continue the game’s epic storyline. Check out the draft here and follow the project!


Platformer is a miniatures game inspired by old-school platforming video games. 2-4 players will race across platforms while fighting monsters and collecting as many coins as possible. And since it's designed by Awaken Realms Lite, you know you'll get a light, fun experience that can be shared with the whole family, without the long setup time you might expect from a miniatures game. Check out the draft page of the campaign!

Legend Academy
The prestigious Legend Academy is where heroes are born. Created by El Dorado Games, the game uses a blend of euro mechanics like deck-building and worker placement mixed with dungeon crawling as you embark on quests inspired by famous legends. Build out your deck of skill cards to complete the most quests and prove that you deserve to graduate at the top of your class. Follow the draft here!

Eleven Football Manager by Portal Games is a deep, economic simulation game about running a successful football club. You'll need to balance your income against costs like hiring club managers and PR specialists while seeking out sponsors and making strategic trades to ensure your team wins the most games. Make sure to check out the campaign draft!

Vast Grimm
Vast Grimm by Infinite Black is a rules-light, tabletop RPG set in a world of sci-fi horror. It is sometimes brutal, sometimes horrific, but at all times kinetic and stylistic, with a rules system that is simple enough to keep the horror heavy and the game moving forward. Come for the horror - stay for the striking artwork. The draft is a must-see!

Lands of Galzyr
Lands of Galzyr by Snowdale Design is an action-adventure game set in a persistent world, where the changes you make in one game will carry over to the next. Play as adventuring animals as you explore the world and compete with the other players to take on quests to earn glory, fame, and eventually victory. Check out the draft here!

And many more worth waiting for, so sign up for our newsletter if you don't want to miss any great game!

Crowdfunding so far

Now, time for a quick recap of campaigns so far. While we are still in beta and looking over all of your feedback and implementing as much as we can, we had some really great campaigns that we are super proud of!
All of that could happen only thanks to the support of the community, so big thank you all!  

  • $4,912,097 raised
  • 28,962 backers

KINGDOM RUSH: Elemental Uprising
  • $865,673 raised 
  • 7,676 backers

Our collaboration with the Gamefound team has been amazing, and the success of our campaign on their platform is a reflection of the hard work they have put in it.
Vincent, Lucky Duck Games

ROBINSON CRUSOE: Collector’s Edition
  • $2,778,512 raised 
  • 17,313 backers

We are very happy with the result of the campaign. (…) I say it openly – Gamefound, you do it right.
Ignacy, Portal Games

HEXplore It: The Domain of Mirza Noctis
  • $507,179 raised
  • 2,974 backers 

Huge commendations to Gamefound for the toolset they’ve designed and for their outstanding technical support. Gamefound is leagues ahead of its competitor and it shows.
Jonathan, HEXplore It

After the Empire – Deluxe Version Reprint
  • $278,978 raised  
  • 2,447 backers 

Our campaign truly exceeded our expectations. It turns out that the platform, team, and guidance were invaluable to our success. Gamefound appears to be a legit game-changer as a real alternative to other crowdfunding options for board game creators.
Shane, Grey Fox Games

Gamefound is growing strong

Finally, let’s take a quick look at what has changed on Gamefound. While a lot of things are happening backstage to make sure that our infrastructure will work fast and up to everyone’s expectations - there are some changes that we are proud to present right now.

We took some time to try and make the transformation between crowdfunding and pledge manager as seamless as possible, saving a lot of time for both creators and backers. There is still a lot we can draw from the creators' insights, and we won’t be resting on our laurels. As for the backers' side, we've made the platform user-friendly and intuitive to all who want to support any project on Gamefound.

Another great thing we’re happy about is the new homepage. It was redesigned with the upcoming crowdfunding projects in mind, but we didn’t forget about pledge managers. Now, each project has tags with categories and is described whether it’s in the draft, crowdfunding, or pledge manager phase. Featured projects are still displayed at the top of the page.

We constantly listen to the feedback from creators and backers, and very often we are adding small new features. There are too many of them to list them all, so just an example: now it’s possible to add updates also in the draft phase. Thanks to that, backers may be up to date from the very beginning of the project.

Last but not least: the great news is that the beta phase for crowdfunding is slowly coming to an end. We still need a few months before we open to everyone, but each month we’ll accept more and more great projects. If you want to be part of this journey, contact us at!