Shipping Model Changes, First Pledge Manager after Crowdfunding

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Shipping model changes 

So, let’s start with something useful. Some of you mentioned that it would be great to have an option to define where orders can be sent with a chosen method. So we've added a new section in the shipping model settings where you can define shipping availability for specific zones. This means that now you can choose which models will be available for every zone. For example, if you can’t (or don’t want to because the cost is exorbitant) send orders to a particular zone via traditional post, you can set it up in the settings. To change the availability of a shipping model, go to shipping model settings and choose the model you want to edit. Backers from zones marked as unavailable will not see this shipping model in the checkout. All shipping zones are set as available by default, but you can easily change it.
First Pledge Manager after Crowdfunding 

We’re continuously changing into a fully-fledged crowdfunding AND pledge manager platform to offer game creators one place where they’ll be able to run their campaign from start to finish. We’re currently testing our solutions and so far we’ve launched a few successful crowdfunding campaigns such as ISS Vanguard, Kingdom Rush, or Robinson Crusoe. The natural next step was to launch the first pledge manager to a crowdfunding campaign on our platform. The huge advantage for creators who launch both crowdfunding and pledge manager on Gamefound is that they don’t have to separately set up the pledge manager. They also save a lot of time because they don’t have to import backers and their carts from an external platform.  

What’s the difference between the regular pledge manager and the pledge manager for crowdfunding campaigns run on Gamefound? In the case of the latter, we added proper info about the campaign stage: 

Here you can see the current phase and can easily navigate to the original campaign, or from the campaign preview to the pledge manager. Take a look at the preview of the original crowdfunding and the current pledge manager of Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising on Gamefound. 

That’s all for now. Stay tuned! 😊