Reporting comments, admin filters and currency changes in the newest Gamefound update

We have just updated gamefound with a set of changes and bugfixes. The changelog, as always, is quite long, but we'll talk only about the most important bits.

Admin filter changes

This isn't a big change, but but can cause a bit of confusion, so we're bringing it up first thing. Until today the admin filters used to automatically apply themselves when you stopped typing for half a second. It was a good mechanic for those who used a single field to filter results, but we had multiple reports of this being an annoyance, especially when attempting to filter using multiple criteria. Taking many pros and cons into consideration, we have decided to change this in favor of a more classic approach. You will now need to either confirm the search with an enter/return key, or by clicking the new "apply" button around the bottom of the filter box. Here's how it looks:
The above example is taken from the users list view, but the change has been applied to all lists with filters across our platform. We understand some creators might have preferred it the old way, but we think the adjustment to the new mechanic won't be very painful, and that after a short time everyone will forget how it used to work in the past;)

Reporting comments

We have added the ability to report a comment. If you spot someone misbehaving (harassing others, speaking hate, etc.), be a good person and click this:
Our staff will review the report and take action, if necessary. Hopefully this feature won't see much use;)

Currency changes

We are also changing the currency setup a little. We have introduced the term "user default currency" and added it as a configurable column in the project currency setup screen.
To avoid confusion, the old "Default" currency is now called "Main". This is what how they work:

Main project currency
The main currency of your project. It's the base for pricing your products and for converting to other currencies. You cannot change this once the project launches. The base currency rate is always 1.0.

User default currency
The fallback default currency for new users visiting your project. This will be used only in case we cannot match a currency based on the visitor's region.

This brings us to another relevant topic. For new visitors, Gamefound will now attempt to pick a currency based on their browser language settings. If it cannot do so (for instance, because the project doesn't allow the currency matched for the user's language), it will fall back to the "user default" currency configured for the project. And if that's not set, we fall back to the "main" currency, which is 100% the old way.

For majority of projects this change has little to no impact. Also, the visitor's choice outweighs all above rules, so once a customer selects a currency for a project, Gamefound will stick with that.

Wrapping up

This concludes our short blog. As always, we have much more in the cooker. Stay tuned for more changes coming soon:)