Referral links are now available to all Gamefound creators

Referral links

We have finally allocated some development time for the long awaited referral links. You'll find them in your project's admin area:
You can create as many referral links as you need, then give them to your partners, or even use them in marketing campaigns.
A user that visits Gamefound using one of your referral links will be attributed to that link for the period of 30 days. All orders placed by that user in your project during that period will be counted towards the referral link's revenue. The statistics of your referral links are updated every couple hours. This is how it looks when you let them run for a while:
We hope you put this to good use and that we'll see some huge numbers in there soon;)

The Credit Manager role

This is a small improvement we have decided to squeeze in this update. We realized that in some cases you want your editors to be just editors and not touch anything related to payments or user credits balance. For that reason we have extracted the credits management into a separate permission.
This is only a preface of a bigger task aiming to make the roles more granular. Unfortunately, it's a rather complicated task. It will be a while before it's ready, so we're giving everyone this little improvement for now.

Bonus news: over 300,000 users on Gamefound now!

The counter is not slowing down a single bit. We are really happy seeing more and more creators choosing our platform as their pledge manager. We'll continue improving, listening to your feedback and then who knows? Maybe we can break the 400k mark by the end of the year? ;)

That's all for now. Keep watching this space, as there are some big changes coming to Gamefound very soon. We'll let you know in another blog post:)