More payment methods and shipping hub export formats, new order statuses, and more

payment methods
shipping hubs
New payment methods at checkout

We aim to make the payment process seamless, and we’ve been working on introducing some local payment methods along with deferred payment options to checkout. The list will grow with time, and now you have more options to pay for your pledge. Some are available only in specific countries. Here’s the list of new payment methods:

• iDEAL (most popular payment system used in the Netherlands, can be used in late pledge and pledge manager)
• Bancontact (most frequently used payment method in Belgium, can be used in late pledge and pledge manager)
• Cartes Bancaires (French card network, most widely used payment method in France, can be used to pay for crowdfunding, but also in late pledge and pledge manager)

These payment methods will appear to customers from specific countries once they choose Euro as their payment currency.

Let us know in the comments what additional payment methods you’d like to have on Gamefound. We’re working on introducing more soon!

More shipping hub export formats

If your shipping hub wasn’t added recently, here’s good news for Green Logistics and Spaceship Pro users. Now you can easily export pledges with the format adjusted to these two companies. At this moment, you can export the following shipping hub formats:

• Asmodee
• Fulfillrite
Green Logistics (new!)
• Let's Play Games
• ShipQuest
• ShipStation
Spaceship Pro (new!)
• Spiral Galaxy Games
• VR Distribution
• Zatu

Are there any other fulfillment centers you’d like to have on the list?

New statuses

Here’s a change that will make getting info about the status of pledges easier for backers. We’ve separated the pledge status from the payment status. We also added a comment on what’s going on with the backer’s pledge and what’s the next step. Now the pledge view should be clearer for the users.
This info will also be sent in emails.

One important change in the naming of statuses is that “Ready for shipping” has been changed to “Preparing for shipping” to make it more true to life.

More upcoming projects on the main page

Now we show twice as many upcoming projects on the main page. We’ve decided to bring more amazing titles into the spotlight, and now the visitors can see 8 of them instead of only 4.

And since we’re talking about the upcoming section – for the first time, we have over 100 upcoming projects on the platform! Thank you!

New project page preview

We know the project preview was a bit confusing as you could see the elements your backers couldn’t, and you had to check the section settings to see if it’s visible to all or not. That’s why we changed it, and once you click “view project page” or “view pledge manager preview,” you’ll see everything you created - including the unpublished section.
When you want to see what is actually displayed to visitors, scroll down and click “Go to the project view currently displayed to backers.” This way, you will see the content shown to backers.
This doesn’t influence working on the next stages, but only the current stage – you can add sections to the next stages and publish them or not. You will see all sections in the preview. The published sections will be visible to backers only after launching the next stage.

Evolution in progress

We keep working on fixes and tweaks to the pledge manager, including data collection and analytics. We’re also working on platform localization for non-English speaking users. As always, let us know what you think about the new functions (also on Discord) and what else would be useful for you to have here.

Thanks for your support!
Alex Radcliffe,
CMO of Gamefound