Gamefound’s feast: Major titles to warm up the fall!

gamefound's feast
new campaigns
This is the third edition of Gamefound’s Feast showing the crowdfunding projects which will launch in the upcoming months. We are really excited about all those projects and are even more excited to showcase them. We hope you guys are excited as well. ;)
On top of that, we continue to work on the system that’s still in closed beta. While there is still a lot to do, the platform is getting better and better every week! We have a summary at the very end.

Upcoming projects

Ok! Let’s see everything we got prepared for you.

Too Many Bones: Unbreakable
Too Many Bones (currently at BGG 41st best game slot) by Chip Theory Games is back and bigger than ever with another standalone box featuring more content than before. This will be the final part of the trilogy, so expect some fireworks!
It will have a lot of extras, including different language editions for the first time, and tons of new content for the game. Unbreakable comes with at least 2 new Gearlocks, new encounters and baddies pack, and a whole new narrative. Not only that, everything can be mixed and matched to create new scenarios, and the Rage of Tyranny pack remixes tyrants to offer new challenges to experienced players.
So, if you are a Too Many Bones fan - make sure to look closely at what is offered! If you haven’t played the game yet - this is a perfect opportunity to experience this amazing adventure for the first time. Either way, make sure to see the project page and follow it.

Total War: Rome - the Board Game
Total War: Rome gloriously marches into Gamefound! In this adaptation of the renowned strategy video game, you’ll be playing as one of four nations locked into a gripping war. Play as the leaders of Rome, Carthage, Greece, and Gallo-Germania. Expect all the detailed battle management that the franchise is known for in an amazing strategy board game created by PSC Games. Your goal in this empire-building wargame is deceptively simple – build an army and beat your opponents.
If leading your troops to victory in strategic combat sounds like your cup of tea, make sure to follow the project.

Nightmare Cathedral
The terror and horror on paintings transferred to a board game – a new competitive strategy by Board&Dice uses the artwork of Zdzisław Beksiński, one of the best-known Polish painters, famous for his dystopian surrealism. The immersive art adds a new, nightmarish dimension to the gameplay that will keep you up at night. You can expect not only really solid gameplay that Board&Dice is known for, but also an amazing, dark art that will make this game absolutely unique. Make sure not to miss it and follow the project!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
This is what thousands of video game fans were waiting for: a board game set in the same universe as one of the most popular cRPG of the last few years. The new title is a result of the partnership of Boardcubator with Warhorse Studios, the developers of the original game. Get ready for an app-driven, cooperative, campaign game that focuses on a rich narrative and living world that players can explore. Play your part in the story set in 1421 in the conflict between the Crusades and the Hussites. Prepare for a rich and exciting story with nerve-wracking moments set in a realistic historical environment. The game is fully voice-acted and accompanied by engaging soundscapes and innovative sound design shaped by how you play. Follow the project and don't miss any updates!

Tiles of the Arabian Nights
This playful adventure and exploration board game was created by Holy Grail Games. Take part in the annual contest and tell your winning tale to become the Master Storyteller. Need inspiration? Use the beautifully illustrated tiles to weave the plots of your stories however you please. Outsmart and out-story your opponents! Explore the desert, uncover amazing treasures and defeat your enemies and find yourself in search of your own tale. Follow this beautiful project here.

Pachamama by SitDown Games tells the story of the Quechua people as they roam the land in search of fertile soil. Your goal is to explore new regions and develop them according to the culture and guidance of Pachamama, the Andean goddess representing Mother Earth. With multiple playable scenarios, Pachamama offers a different experience every time. Check it here.

Goldenstar: The Galactic Tournament
Gindi’s new project is a competitive deck-building game where you lead a team of fighters on the hunt for victory in the Goldenstar Tournament. Choose your duo from the many unique champions and utilize their powers and their unique decks to win the support of the fans and access to the black market, where you can equip your champions with deadly gear. Follow it here.

Bedeville Carnival
Dark, engaging game set against the backdrop of a haunted carnival by Loodo Ninja. Your goal in this strategy is to visit the carnival’s many locations and collect various souvenirs. But be careful, the carnival owner and gravedigger are always after you. With a modular board and various difficulties, Bedeville Carnival will be a different experience each time. Follow the project here!

The evolution of beta

We’re learning and changing. We still have a lot to cover before going out of beta, but we’re getting closer every day. Thanks to the projects that already run on the platform, we gathered a lot of hands-on experience to draw from:
The majority of the work is happening at the back-end. We want to make 100% sure that our infrastructure is fast, stable, and ready to make Gamefound a seamless experience for both backers and creators.

A lot of focus went into making the creator admin panel more intuitive and transition from stages of the projects easier to manage and understand. Now, as a creator, you can freely manage project stages (draft/campaign/pledge manager) and use all the tools around them.

We also prepared one special feature for backers. A lot of creators wanted to reward people following projects before launch – we are happy to report that we’ve implemented automatic free gifts for following a project. If creators decide to give a freebie or discount to the followers of their project, they can use this feature. It will add the chosen free item or discount to the pledge automatically at checkout. No more manual work ;)

Having said that, if you are a creator and want to be a part of our BETA – contact us at We are eager to hear about your exciting projects!