Gamefound badges and more

Gamefound’s core is the community. We’re happy to see it grow with time and to see so many people that love this hobby and share their affection by backing projects on our platform. As we constantly update the platform with features, we frequently balance the needs of creators, of backers, of specific requests and ideas that we think will make the overall experience better for everyone. 

Gamefound badges

The newest update introduces community badges. We want to reward the most active users in our community by adding special, rewarding labels next to user names in the comments. 

We have two badges we’ll be rolling out with the start of the system.  

The first badge is Pledge Master. This badge is awarded for backing several different projects on Gamefound. It shows your commitment to the hobby in general and crowdfunding specifically. It also shows others that you are someone who knows both how crowdfunding works as well as the ins and outs of Gamefound in particular. 
And secondly, we have Verified; this is a badge that appears next to users who are recognized in the gaming world and have been verified by our staff. This will help you know that the user you’re talking to is indeed who you think it is.
Read our help page to learn how to get the “verified badge.”

Commenting restrictions 

Over the past year, Gamefound’s community has nearly doubled. Which is amazing, and we are so grateful for it. At the same time, with growth and a larger community, new challenges arise and need to be faced. We’ve started to see a slow uptick in violations of our community standards in cases such as spamming or leaving inappropriate comments. While thankfully, this is still a small problem, we want to ensure that it stays that way, we want the crowdfunding process to be a fun one to make backing a game an experience you look forward to.  

To that end, we’ve started to implement the option for users to lose their ability to comment based on repeated breaches of our standards. If a user gets multiple reports of misconduct, they run the risk of having their commenting abilities restricted.  

New status names 

Do you know what the difference between Pledged & Paid vs. Placed & Paid is? No? Well apparently, no one else does either. For a long time now, your pledge statuses have had a drop of confusion within the names of some of the statuses. Gamefound has a high degree of complexity in how many types of sequences and statuses can be in place at any point, and in our effort to handle all of that complexity and to deliver a system that can do everything...we succeeded.... but not always while having the clearest order statuses that were intuitive to you.  

So we took 14 people and put them in a room for 27 days (we let them out for food and bathroom breaks) to debate and discuss more intuitive names that captured all the necessary information while also being easier to understand. Thanks to them, any day now, we'll be introducing new, simplified pledge status names. With your feedback in mind, we've revamped the status names and their descriptions to make them easier to understand. Being on top of all your late pledges can be a lot of work, and we want to always ensure that that process is as easy as possible for you.  

Picking up the pace

We have many features planned and will implement them with time. We’d love to know your thoughts about this update and what else you’d like to see on Gamefound. Ultimately this platform would never be what it is without your input, and while we can’t always implement every suggestion, your feedback does help. It helps us prioritize, it helps us know what you want, and sometimes it can just be an excellent idea that we would never have thought of.   

You can always send us your feedback via our contact form or leave a comment here. 

Happy gaming! 

Alex Radcliffe 

CMO of Gamefound... and Pledge Master!