Gamefound 3.7.0 is live!



Version 3.7.0 introduces the Gamefound Blog - the one you're reading now;) Our team will be using this new communication channel to announce all major changes on our platform. Expect a new post every couple weeks.

Gallery view

The zoom on product images is gone. Instead, by popular demand, we now have a classic gallery view. Here's how it looks (we'll use Tainted Grail for example):

This is what you see after clicking a product image. It is full screen, so it should be large enough for you to see all relevant detail of the images, but we will monitor the feedback on this. In case of any sings of nostalgia for the old zoom we might consider re-introducing it in some other form;)

Image optimization

On a related topic, we had a closer look at the way we're serving images in general. It turns out we've been using a rather relaxed compression rate. After some tweaking we managed to reduce the average amount of image data being sent to your browser by more than 50% without noticeable quality loss. Here's a quick comparison:



tldr; There is significantly less stuff to load when you browse your projects, which means happier servers and faster loading time for everyone:)

Automated account delete

We're always sad to see you go, but we respect your privacy above all else. Because of that, should you wish to delete your account, you don't need to contact our support any more. You can use this new feature (see screenshot below) in your Account Settings to start the account deletion procedure.

Testing your payment settings (Creators)

Configuring payments in your project just got a bit easier. You no longer need to go 100% through an order just to learn that you've mistyped your PayPal keys. This new button (see screenshot) will now test the settings for you.

More new stuff

This release also includes a number minor features and 30+ bugfixes. Next on our list is a big revamp of the Creator's admin area. It's something we've been waiting to do for a very long time, but there's always been something else pushing it back. Now it's finally time. We'll start with a new, better way of becoming a Gamefound Creator and a totally new experience of creating your first project. Expect another blog post when it's ready. Meanwhile, thanks for reading:)