Community Guidelines

Showing respect to one another 
We love discussions - as long as they’re civil and productive. Racial slurs, sexist remarks, and obscene language, and targeted harassment won’t be tolerated. 

Your views should be voiced in a respectful manner. Let the creator know what specific areas you think could be improved and suggest possible ways they could enhance their project. Constructive criticism is always welcome on Gamefound. 

Spam is not allowed 
Don’t post the same comment in multiple places and times. Any suspicious, unverified and unrelated third-party links will be removed. 

If you want to introduce the community to a video or project that concerns the author or their game - feel free to refer to it! Just make sure it doesn’t spread misinformation and revolve around competitive offers. 

Hashtags are used to help people navigate through the discussion. Don’t overuse them. 

Sharing your opinion 
It’s good to let people know how the previous campaign went, especially if they’re unsure whether to support it or not. It's ok to share your experiences, even the bad ones, just make sure to do so respectfully. If just thinking about a project makes your blood boil, it’s better to just move on and support your favorite ones! 

We are constantly improving as a community and want to create a space that gathers people of similar interests and intentions and lets them express themselves freely. 

Reporting comments 
Everyone can report a comment violating our community guidelines. When reporting, make sure to use the right category, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, choose “Other reasons” and explain why the comment is harmful or misleading. 

If you’re a project creator, don’t censor or reject the criticism automatically. People may share a valuable opinion that can be considered in the future. If it is written in a respectful way, adds something valuable to the conversation, and doesn’t violate our terms of use, it is free to remain visible on our site. 

The decision about hiding comments is at our discretion. 

We want our community to be respectful in all areas, including the way you present yourself to others. Any nicknames that are offensive, obscene, or refer to a controversial figure are not accepted. If your nickname doesn’t follow our guidelines, we reserve the right to change it for you and disable the option of editing it. 

Engaging in behavior that violates our community guidelines will lead to a temporary ban from commenting. Upon request from the user, the ban will be lifted after one month. In cases where the user repeatedly engages in toxic behavior after lifting the ban, we reserve the right to permanently ban them from commenting on our platform.