Awaken Realms NEXT - the grand reveal + comment notifications, update statistics and more!

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Hey everyone!

Today we have quite a special update for all of you - not only do we have HUGE announcements from Awaken Realms of 4 upcoming projects on Gamefound, but also some new, shiny Gamefound features!

So, buckle up, and let's go!

Awaken Realms NEXT
Same as last year, together with Awaken Realms, we have prepared a special edition of "Gamefound Feast" focused on new campaigns coming to Gamefound in 2023, and we are quite excited about them!

This year, for the first time, Awaken Realms prepared a special stream, where they announced all those titles in the "proper" fashion :D You can see the full stream below!

So, what campaigns got announced?
AR Vault: Story Dice
A new line of Awaken Realms products, AR Vault, focused on creating one-of-a-kind tabletop accessories is starting with Story Dice. Those very special, beautifully crafted dice will bring your tabletop experience to a whole new level during your favorite RPG / Board Game session.
You can expect a lot of amazing sculpts that will help immersion and create adventures over your table - some of them will be universal, and some, dedicated to certain activities or even a game. Like for example, Intruder die for Nemesis :D

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Board Game
That's right! This legendary video game setting is coming soon to your tables!
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Board Game will feature 1-4 players, where each player controls one Stalker. It will be a cooperative "zone-crawling" story-driven experience based on stories from the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. Each story will consist of 2-4 scenarios to play through, and players should expect to spend approx. 2 hours per scenario.
Scenarios will include stealth missions where you quietly move between unaware enemies while scouting new locations, tactical gunfights, retrieval missions, artifact hunting, navigating through dangerous anomalies, fighting mutants, and many more! Each Stalker will be a unique character that will be able to upgrade its gear as well as skills between different scenarios, so there will be something special for everyone!
Make sure to follow this project and get a special gift! You can find it HERE!

Dragon Eclipse
Enter a magical world of mythical beasts and ancient dragons in Dragon Eclipse, the exciting new board game for 1-2 players! Uncover the secrets of the eclipse that changed everything and discover the dangerous and treacherous world that awaits you.
Explore a vivid and immersive world filled with majestic and unique creatures you can battle, tame, catch, and train. Each creature has a unique deck of cards you can use in combat and special abilities, offering endless tactical possibilities to master. As you journey through the world of Dragon Eclipse, you'll face hard decisions and discover different paths ahead. Manage your cards and energy to brave your way through this fantastical realm and uncover its secrets.

Nemesis: Retaliation
Last but not least, we have the next installment of Nemesis!
This time, players will take on the roles of highly trained marines, entering the alien nest with strict orders and the most advanced tools available. But will they be well-prepared enough to face the unrelenting horde that awaits them? In Nemesis: Retaliation, the tension is higher than ever as players must survive against overwhelming odds and the possibility of betrayal at every step.

As the third installment of the series, Nemesis: Retaliation builds upon the already successful Nemesis DNA and brings even more thrilling gameplay! With more aliens to fight and new tools to help you deal with them, this game promises to be a fresh experience for both fans of the series and new players alike.

Ok, this is it for Awaken Realms Next announcements - but time for some sweet Gamefound updates that you should enjoy, as many of you have asked for them!
Marcin Świerkot, CEO of Awaken Realms and Gamefound
As for the new features, we’d like to present a long-requested functionality – notifications about comment replies. We’ve also added statistics to updates, info about total funding value for a project and designed new project preview tiles. Read on to find out more!

Notifications about comments

We’ve introduced the option to get notified when someone replies to your comment. You get an email with the reply, author and a link to the comment so you can easily find it. It's just the beginning; we’re working to make this feature suit your needs, and we really rely on your feedback here. We'd love to see your thoughts in the comments. 

Update stats

Now every update you add will have detailed statistics. They show how many times the update was viewed, liked and commented on. You’ll also see the number of notification emails sent, how many of them were opened and clicked. The system will also show you how the update influenced the funding of your project. (Important note: the system will attribute the change of the pledge to every update visited by backer within the same session. That means if a backer pledges after seeing several updates, all of them will have the value of that pledge included).

The data is collected in full scope from today. Some information will also be shown on your past updates but take it with a grain of salt: numbers from older updates may not be accurate. So don’t worry if you see that some updates show zeros.

Project funding presentation

Once your project opens late pledge or pledge manager, you can decide which funding value to show to the backers. By default, in the future we will display the total funding value, meaning the crowdfunding result and the money collected in late pledge stage and pledge manager. You can change this setting in the project general setting.
If you want, you can decide to show only the numbers from the crowdfunding stage. In exploration, when you sort by “most funded,” the system will take into consideration the value you decided to show externally.

The funding numbers are shown only on projects that had a crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound; pledge managers imported from different platforms stay as they were.

Revamped preview tiles

You may have noticed the page looks different. It’s because we’ve changed a bit the design of project tiles. Now the tiles have two sides. The front contains basic info about funding amount, follower and backer numbers; the other contains project details such as project description, categories, etc. Clik the arrow to turn the tiles. The green line below shows the progress of funding, while the blue means the project is in the pledge manager or late pledge stage.
Lots of great projects and lots of great plans

We’re incredibly excited about the new projects by Awaken Realms and the soon launching titles! Get ready for The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era by Chip Theory Games, and check out Huang by Phalanx if you haven’t had the chance yet. We’ll also be introducing streamlining features for setting up campaigns and something special for the community. Thanks for reading through all this, and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

Alex Radcliffe, 

CMO of Gamefound